Part 2: A Student’s View of Real-World PR

By 2012-10-03Featured

This is the second in a series of seven blog posts reproduced from a Baylor University PR class assignment by student Andrea Aguirre. I was a bit nervous at the start; however, Mrs. Anderson was quite at ease and very welcoming to me as I explained the premises of this interview. My first question to Mrs. Anderson was how she got into Public Relations.  She responded that she had obtained her degree in communications and went on to do internships for television news stations in Texas to include the Abilene, Tyler, and Austin areas. Apart from the state of Texas, she also worked for a news station in Savannah, Georgia.  After that, she settled in Dallas, Texas where she worked for ten years in media-audience research and development. Mrs. Anderson worked with the clothing label known as Dickies where she learned the art of “pitching.” With all her experience, Mrs. Anderson mastered the art of pitching in the public relations world.  She then began to freelance her work which began the foundation of what would be her own public relations firm. Mrs. Anderson explained that once she started freelancing, she began to market herself by word of mouth within the franchise industry building clientele and taking advantage of search engine optimization. Mrs. Anderson has learned the ways of tailoring her site and its availability on search engines to be readily available to anyone who is looking for her expertise.