What’s the Press Release Process

By 2017-10-06Featured

A brief explanation of the press release and media relations process:

  1. The PR agency gathers information from the business about the news announcement, including what makes it media-worthy.
  2. Agency writes the press release.  At this point, the facts are of primary concern rather than punctuation and proofing.
  3. Agency sends the press release to the business owner for content review/editing; revise the release incorporating owners’ edits; send draft back and forth a couple of more times until the press release content is approved.
  4. Agency proofs press release for AP Style, punctuation, flow.
  5. Press release is finalized and sent to business to be posted on the website on the release date.
  6. Agency posts press release on business website, then social networks it.  Agency also distributes the press release to the business media list and proactively pitches reporters. The goal is to get a reporter interested so he/she will interview the business owner about the announcement.
  7. Schedule and coordinate media interviews (usually by phone).
  8. Send business owner other news stories the reporter has written to become familiar with his/her style.
  9. Provide media training to business owner to ensure he/she is comfortable communicating key messages.
  10. Agency attends interview (3-way conference call) and provides needed follow-up.
  11. Agency monitors coverage and requests corrections, if necessary, sends story to business owner, social networks about it, adds it to the clip book and looks for follow-up story opportunities.