Part 1: A Student’s View of Real-World PR

By 2012-10-01Featured

I am an undergraduate at Baylor University with a major in Speech Communication and a concentration in Public Relations. I am currently working on an assignment in which I have…to interview someone in a position I want to learn more about… I would love to learn more about what it takes to make it in Public Relations…  Thank you for this time! Andrea Aguirre This post is the first in a series of seven posts from that assignment. Overall it was such a joy to interview Elizabeth Anderson. She showed me how a lot of determination and knowledge really pays off. From talking with her, I have a better understanding of what it would take to go into the public relations field from a realistic point of view. I was especially interested in how she started her own company while having a family as well. To me this is a big issue most women are facing today. Before, I think it was an ultimatum of choosing to either get ahead in your work or have and raise a family. But I think women of today, women like Mrs. Anderson are re-shaping that old way of thinking and showing us that it is possible to balance work and family all with a sense of power and grace.