ScriptCo Pharmacy Customers Stay Home, Save Money

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WACO, TX — With the Covid-19 pandemic in full force, ScriptCo, America’s first and only wholesale, door-to-door pharmacy today announced Americans are benefitting from the company’s low-cost medications and delivery service.

ScriptCo member and Pediatric Occupational Therapist Mary Sue Farrier is at high risk for the Coronavirus because her immune system is damaged from Leukemia treatment in 2014. “It’s risky for me to leave my house to go to work or go to the pharmacy, so I appreciate ScriptCo’s mail delivery,” Farrier said. Now jobless with a lower household income, Farrier saves nearly $200 a month on prescriptions by being a ScriptCo member. 

“To our knowledge, this has never been done before,” said Zach Zeller, co-founder of ScriptCo Pharmacy. Zeller says he and his partners are unaware of any other pharmacy offering true, zero-markup, wholesale access to generic prescriptions, shipped to the customer’s door.

Before becoming a ScriptCo member, Janice Cockrell’s physician prescribed five medications for her to take daily. The medications cost her nearly $150 a month. “They were so expensive that I took them sporadically,” Cockrell said. “I would split my blood pressure pills in half each day or I would take one every other day.” Now as a ScriptCo member, she pays about $45 a month, and she takes her medications as prescribed.

One prescription that Cockrell’s husband, Royce, takes cost him $20 a pill before joining ScriptCo. “At that price, he took that medication only a third of the time than what was prescribed,” she said. “His $600 a month medication now costs about $10 a month using ScriptCo, and his doses are taken as prescribed.”

ScriptCo’s revenue comes from memberships, not medications. “When we buy a medication for a penny a pill, our members’ cost is a penny a pill,” said Zeller. “The more members that join ScriptCo, the more we can negotiate the prices of medications from our wholesalers, and those savings are passed on to members, which is something never-before offered to Americans,” Zeller said. 

Since launching in late 2019, ScriptCo fills prescriptions in Texas, Idaho, Massachusetts, and Nebraska. The homepage of the ScriptCo website shows the wholesale costs of all non-controlled, generic medications, which is precisely what members pay for medications.

A March 2019 Kaiser Family Foundation survey found that one in four Americans cannot afford their prescriptions. 

About ScriptCo Pharmacy

ScriptCo is a membership-based, online pharmacy offering medications at the actual wholesale cost delivered to members’ doorsteps. Membership options are $120/year or $45 a quarter plus the cost of medications. All members receive four free shipments a year. Members save as much as 99% on their medications, which can equal thousands of dollars per year. Visit the ScriptCo website to learn more and become a member.