Pandemic Public Relations

By 2020-04-29Featured
Pandemic PR

Slowly but surely, the economy is reopening for business. But the answers to when and how is likely different for each business owner. Before, during, and after you open, how, if any, will COVID-19 be part of your marketing game? Will you push products and services without much or any reference to the pandemic? Will you explain your reasons and for opening as soon as allowed.  Or is your company being cautious and needing to explain why so not to lose out to your competition. Where and how will you communicate your safety procedures? You may need a whole new marketing plan going forward including an updated (or new) mission, vision, and values statement.

We cannot expect our customers to automatically know our thinking, our plans and our COVID-19 safety protocols. Your website is one of many opportunities to communicate specifically what you’re doing to keep your customers safe when coming to your location. How often should you update your site? Where else should you communicate? Besides your customers and clients, there are other audiences who may need to hear you communicate about COVID-19.  Wouldn’t it be easy if there was one, cookie-cutter approach? That’s not the case, nor should it be, because businesses must differentiate ourselves from our competition. Hoping for the best (no COVID-19 cases in your business), yet being prepared for the worst gives you a competitive advantage.

Yes, we are all abiding by the CDC recommendations — washing hands, covering mouth and nose when sneezing and coughing, wearing masks and gloves, social distancing. But, no doubt, there is more you’re doing to get those customers back to your establishment. Perhaps you’ve invested in an automated occupancy control system that will make customers feel safer. Or you’ve rearranged for proper social distancing and offering special pricing on your products or services. You gotta communicate to the public — your customers, vendor partners and prospects — what you are doing. That’s where we can help. And we will customize the approach for your business based on what you’re currently doing on the marketing front.