What we do for Clark Roofing:

Video / Social Media / Copywriting / Advertising

Case Study:

Clark Roofing wanted the phone to ring more… in other words, generate more leads. Their logo was solid red, and we recommended adding black to it to give it some “pop.” We revamped the website making it more fresh and up to date. We launched a video campaign beginning with a “Texas Spring Storms” :30 spot that we posted on social media. We followed that spot with project videos, both residential and commercial. We created Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter accounts ensuring company branding and messaging in the copy. We produced video to fit Clark’s Facebook cover. We also advertised in local high school football programs, including the one from which the owner of the company graduated from. Not happy with his current headshot, we quickly had new shots taken in time to meet the publication deadline.

Video Production

We established and maintain Vimeo and YouTube branded accounts to post and optimize videos that are search engine friendly. Check out a few of our videos and accompanying social posts

Metal Roof Installed on Lorena, Texas New Home by Clark Roofing

Metal roofing has rebounded in recent years, once again becoming a popular choice for residential homes. One reason may be that metal boasts supreme durability.

Resident Roof Replacement Clark Roofing Temple Texas

Since the roof was only a 2.5/12” slope, typical shingles would not work. Clark Roofing found the best solution for longevity, durability, aesthetics, and cost.

Multiple Duplex Roofs Damaged by Texas Storm

Clark Roofing to the rescue as the roofs of duplexes are wrecked by a Texas Thunder Boomer. Fourteen families in eight units totaling 44,000 square feet. Clark completed the project in one week.

New Roof for Near 100-Year-Old Waco Home
Clark Roofing’s keen eye and sense of design stem from our construction background through J. Michael Clark Builders. Simply put, this roof is gorgeous! #roofcontractor #roofing #Waco

Waco’s Clark Roofing Lowers Homeowner’s Insurance Cost

The roof Clark Roofing recommended increases curb appeal and decreased the cost of insurance. A win-win + a win for us! #happycustomers #roofcontractor #roofing #Waco

Hatch Bailey Testimonial

Residential Customer Happy w/ Waco’s Clark Roofing Homeowner Hatch Bailey is thrilled that recent storms did not damage his roof, installed by Waco’s Clark Roofing.

Spring Storms TV Spot

Spring in Texas means thunder boomers. When a storm goes ballistic on your roof, Clark Roofing will replace or repair it as well as work with your insurance company. #roofingcontractor #WacoRoof #StormDamage

Church Roof Leak? Waco’s Clark Roofing To The Rescue

Don’t let a roof leak worry you. Call us at 254-374-4477. The Facilities Mgr at Emmanuel Baptist Church is happy he did. #roofingcontractor #WacoRoof #StormDamage

Mike Anderson talks about FedEx Project

Waco, Texas’ Clark Roofing General Manager Mike Wayne Anderson explains the problem & solution for FedEx Ship Center & Hoppenstein Properties, Inc. Shout out to project vendors – Equipment Depot, Rise Up Refuse & #ABCSupply in #Waco. #roofingcontractor #WacoRoof #StormDamage

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