What we do for Lone Wolf Resources:

Internet Marketing / Brand Awareness / Copywriting

Case Study:

Lone Wolf Resources provides project solutions focused on providing safe, cost-effective services that are aligned with the environmental sustainability objectives of the company’s clients. We handle LWR’s Facebook page, write blog posts and maintain the website.


Each month or so, we check-in with LWR’s project manager to get information and photos about recent projects, which we post on Facebook. We monitor comments and respond when necessary.


In 2020, we collaborated with the graphic design firm, McKinley Brown & Bradley, to build LWR a new website. The client recently hired a business development executive, so having a fresh, new look for the website priority one. Our long-time relationship with McKinley Brown & Bradley provides our clients with the best-cost services from our network of marketing experts. E.H. Anderson PR writes blogs posts and other copywriting projects for LWR. For more advanced website work, we again coordinate with McKinley Brown & Bradley.

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