Rising Sons Set Gulf Coast Music Tour Dates

WACO, TEXAS  — Texas Teen Trio, the Rising Sons, today announced its Gulf Coast week-long summer tour will be June 4th through June 11th.

The tour was the brainchild of Rising Sons keyboardist Spencer Davis.  “We’ve played to hundreds of people in Central Texas, and I decided it was time to expand our reach and add more cities and states to our performance log,” said Davis. “We hope restaurant/bar owners and event organizers in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida will be open to booking us.”

The trio is actively pursuing gigs along U.S. Interstate 10 with their final destination being Seaside, Florida where Davis and his family own a home.

“The Rising Sons are talented, and our customers always enjoy their music,” said Shane Turner, owner of the Waco Hippodrome.  “If anyone who’s considering booking them has doubts, I will vouch for them 100 percent.”

In 2015, Turner hired the Rising Sons to play every Friday night at the Hippodrome. That residency led to many other Central Texas bookings including the Klassy Glass, Manny’s on the River and the Creative Art Studio & Theatre.

With blues, jazz and southern rock the preferred genre for Gulf Coast music lovers, the Risings Sons are adding new songs to their set list weekly before they hit the road.

“This is our first tour, and we are very motivated to learn songs,” said George Eichenberg, Rising Sons bass guitarist.  “Jazz can be complicated, but I say ‘bring it on’ every time we practice.”

“We love our fans in Waco, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to play for new audiences this summer,” said Jackson Anderson, Rising Sons guitarist. “To play in New Orleans would be a dream come true.”


Influenced by John Mayer, the Eagles and Billy Joel, the Rising Sons are an instrumental trio (keyboard, bass guitar and guitar) from Waco, Texas. The trio was formed in 2014 during their freshmen year of high school. With a growing catalog of original tunes mixed with cover songs, the Rising Sons play restaurants, wine bars, antique shops and private parties needing background music.