Pandemic PR

Slowly but surely, the economy is reopening in many states — 25%, 50% occupancy. Or perhaps you have an essential business, such as client Clark Roofing and Wilkirson-Hatch-Bailey, and never closed, but had to tweak operations to implement safety protocols. Where and how are you communicating to customers, vendors, and others in your audience? Similar to crisis communications, pandemic PR requires proactive honesty. Hear what our clients say.

Pandemics are new to us, so there is no tried and true method. But the pandemic is an opportunity for businesses to differentiate themselves from the competition. Hoping for the best, yet being prepared for the worst gives you a competitive advantage.

Perhaps you or someone in your business possesses knowledge pertaining to COVID-19 in which the media would be interested. E.H. Anderson PR was founded on our newsroom know-how and connections. We’ve secured coverage in hundreds of media outlets for our clients since 2002.

Whether pitching for news coverage or creating a pandemic PR communications plan, we’d be delighted to visit with you.