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dogtopiaVideos are affordable if you use what you already have — brochures, PDFs, video already shot and/ or still images of your dogs, product, employees, students or customers, for example. A video editor can access existing marketing materials using Dropbox.  Check out this video we produced as part of our franchise PR post-event publicity for Dogtopia.

Another way to create videos that are engaging and affordable is to add a personal message. The message can be from you or one of your employees, or it can be a testimonial or recommendation from one of your customers. If your video editor is in another city, take advantage of Skype to shoot the interview. Toward the end of her show, even Oprah Winfrey used Skype as a tool for interviews.

Keep your video short. Studies show that we have an attention span of about 30 seconds. So say what you have to say and then save the rest for follow up videos.

Distribute your video in every way possible. Promote your video through e-mail, social media, YouTube and even your own website. Set up a flat-screen and play the video in your tradeshows booth and in the lobby of your business.

Video supplements your marketing messages. For example, as the school marketing consultant for Vanguard College Prep School, much of the school’s news is told in a video story.

Video gives you the opportunity to interact and tell more of your story, such as this franchise development video for Assisting Hands Houston. We even made a 30-second version of the Assisting Hands video if the clients want so run it as a TV commercial.

Don’t let your video marketing go to the dogs;  look through your existing marketing materials turn a video.